Design and production of synthetic turf

Safitex is based in Val Gandino, a historical valley in the province of Bergamo, which has always been dedicated to manufacturing. The textile industry, with Italian quality production, flourished here and is still ready to pick up the challenges of the global market, with innovation and passion for work done with highly skilled craftsmanship. Safitex started in 1968 in the sector of spinning carded wool and mixed yarns, for the production of blankets and carpets.

As time passed, Safitex experimented and was constantly on the lookout for new products and markets and in 2002 it opened its doors to a new and truly competitive product: synthetic turf. This was the milestone that allowed Safitex to become Safitex Turf.

Safitex Turf not only manufactures synthetic turf but has always strived to unite the quality of its products with respect for nature and the environment and so ecology becomes an essential leitmotif for the company.


Synthetic grass production

The capacity of the Safitex Turf production plants allows to obtain synthetic grass processed with exclusive solutions. In particular, the grass is worked to create optimal conditions in the relationship between stress of use and reliability. The equipment of technologically advanced systems, with supply chain solutions developed directly by the company, qualify and distinguish Safitex Turf. The company follows and coordinates all the phases: from the selection of yarns to the packaging. The control of the whole process allows to apply meticulous checks in all the phases of the manufacturing.

This ensures the supply of synthetic grass that meets the most demanding expectations for performance, safety and durability.

The Artificial Turf that is Eco-friendly and meets all standards

Safitex Turf is also certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and SOA OS6.

Safitex TURF is:

  • Certified LND
  • Certified against fire
  • Certified against chlorine
  • Certified as antitoxic
  • Certified UVA
  • Certified according to standard EN 15330
  • Certified ITF
  • Certified leaching test
  • Certified CSI