Design - Draw your pitch

The choice of having a staff entirely dedicated to design, qualifies the commitment and the product offering of   Safitex Turf, ensuring the customer an essential advantage: to design and build the pitch according to your project.

Each Safitex Turf field is designed as a tailor-made suit, with a care that can be defined as sartorial.

Our professional engineers have actively serviced the artificial turf industry for many years. They specialize in designing and building fields to fit all climates, landscapes, and soil types.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing sports fields is a specialised operation requiring a team of highly trained and experienced personnel. As well as manufacturing synthetic grass, we also carry out installation to ensure that the quality of the field fitting matches the quality of our products.

An artificial grass pitch is not maintenance-free but with our specialist installation techniques and easy-to-follow maintenance program you will ensure highly consistent levels of performance under intensive usage.