Kickstart artificial turf

Kickstart meets the specific needs of those who are looking for artificial 5/7-a-side football turf.

fiber types

Fiber characterized by a high elastic memory that results in less wear over time: a memory given by the particular “section” of each individual filament (propeller) and the particular ratio dtex/ micron (12,000 dtex/ 365 micron).



40/50/60 mm

Points to MQ

8.000 9.000 11.000


12000 pe




Latex, Eco Next


Tailor Made


Bi Colors
Why choose Kickstart:

Like all Safitex products, Kickstart is also highly resistant to wear and continuous stress, however what most distinguishes it from the others is its fibre: the perfect compromise between visual appeal and technical performance.

If on the one hand the turf is soft to the touch with a natural grass-like colour, on the other the fibre is characterized by a high elastic memory which results in less wear over time: a memory which is due to the special “cross-section” of each single filament (helix) and the special dtex/micron ratio (12,000 dtex /365 micron).

But that’s not all, because Safitex has always taken great care to create environmentally friendly products.

This artificial 5/7-a-side football turf is made with a specific yarn that allows for perfect stress absorption and for an equally perfect return to its original condition after being crushed by both the ball and the player’s boots.

For this reason, Kickstart has obtained LND (National Amateur League) certification.

With Kickstart you can therefore be certain you have a quality product thanks to its high resistance over time.

Artificial 5/7-a-side football turf: advantages
  1. Better ball control even on wet ground
  2. Ideal turf for intensive use
  3. Optimal play performance
  4. Player safety thanks to the turf’s low abrasiveness