The environmentally
ecological synthetic grass

Eco Next is the unique on the market ecological synthetic grass, 100% Made in Italy!

Thanks to the company’s design and production capabilities, as well as the use of cutting-edge technologies, this new product is the result of the resources and capabilities of the prestigious Val Gandino textile hub.

To date synthetic grass has become a valid and increasingly popular alternative thanks to the numerous advantages, also in terms of environmental sustainability, which it offers.

Great care has always been taken to choose quality materials which are environmentally friendly, so Eco Next is made with locally produced solutions.

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Composed of locally produced materials




Very high


Entirely Made
in Italy


Why choose Eco Next?

The goal of this production is to provide companies with a solution which is not only quality but also recyclable and ecological.

In fact, this ecological synthetic grass has multiple features: in addition to its high recyclability, it is made up of an exclusive draining mat that helps to lower the turf temperature, making use of the field in the summer months more pleasant.
And that’s not all, this special feature means that even after heavy rainfall, water quickly flows away leaving no trace. This means the issue of puddles is remedied.

Eco Next is perfect for both sports fields and gardens and terraces.

Eco-Next and the circular economy

An all-Italian supply chain that aims to enhance the circularity of synthetic grass so as to reduce the environmental impact.
Eco-Next is therefore recyclable: at the end of its life, the synthetic grass mat is collected, chopped and transformed to be used for other applications in the sports and landscape sectors.

According to an analysis by the European Parliament, the transition to the circular economy can lead to several advantages such as:

  • Reduction of pressure on the environment
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Innovation and economic growth
  • Increase in employment

Eco Next: what other advantages are there?

  1. It is an environmentally friendly product, it is neither harmful nor invasive to the environment
  2. Thanks to its water retention it doesn’t allow the mantle to overheat
  3. It is resistant and long-lasting, even with adverse weather conditions

Here are the main characteristics of the Eco Next ecological synthetic grass:

  1. Fully recyclable
  2. Composed of locally produced materials
  3. Temperature lowering
  4. Entirely Made in Italy

Here are the main characteristics of the Eco Next ecological synthetic grass:

  • Hyper TTC New One
  • Kickstart Plus
  • SafiLife
  • SafiLife Luxury
  • Flash TTC
  • Dynamic Super Pro FS
  • Strike LC