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a custom field

Safitex offers a unique service dedicated to the design of customized synthetic grass.
An advantage for the customer who can finally have the field he wants without overcoming the specific technical-application needs.

Before proceeding with any project, the Safitex team carefully supervises the specific characteristics of the location, the intended use methods and the variability, able to determine the reliability and duration of the coat.




Consulting and design
The consultancy and design is entirely managed by the technical design team to ensure a precise installation of drainage systems, subbase and grass systems.
This represents an added value for both the sports team and the customers who for the first time approach the synthetic grass.

During the construction phase the supervisor of Safitex checks that the work is carried out according to the established design.

The consultancy and the design entirely managed by the company represents an added value both for the sports team and for the customers who for the first time approach the synthetic grass.

Installing a Safitex Turf synthetic turf field is quick and easy. Once installed, it is a structure capable of maintaining itself in full efficiency and responding to the needs of use for a long time.

Proper maintenance, carried out by specialists in the correct times and modes, contributes to this tranquility. This is the reason why Safitex offers its customers a 360% service and maintenance, providing advice and guidance for any structural developments and new installation needs, designed according to the evolutions that the customer wants to achieve.

Thanks to these continuous maintenance operations over time, the synthetic grass of Safitex retains its high quality even after years.

Material supply

With Safitex you can count on the supply of materials in case installation is not possible.
The company therefore offers everything needed to prepare and create a sports surface including: sand inlay, rubber inlay, band and glue, shock pad (carpet mats), bonding band and glue.