Hyper TTC New one artificial turf

Hyper TTC New one artificial turf


The range of products called Hyper TTC NEW ONE is the excellence of Safitex production.

Hyper TTC NEW ONE is the latest generation of artificial turf made up of 2 yarns combined with two different cross- sections, thus guaranteeing high resilience, resistance and above all  optimal durability.

It stands out from the collection thanks to the important size of the D-TEX 16,000 but especially for the combined monoextruded yarn  made up of 460 microns for each single strip.

Hyper TTC NEW ONE turf is therefore the ideal solution for fields where priority is placed in quality of play, for demanding football players who want a surface that maintains its initial performance over time.

The goal was to create a surface with the same characteristics of a perfect natural playground. Guaranteeing intense hours of play.



Main features

  • L.N.D. Federation
  • Labosport laboratory
  • Eco.Next
  • CSI certificato di conformità Doc. 003/1
  • Raggi uva uvb
  • Durata nel tempo
  • Btex 16.000
  • Micron 460
  • Pef

fiber types

LND approved in different thicknesses and with different types of systems.



40/50/60 mm

Points to MQ

8.000 9.000 11.000


16.000 pe




Latex, Eco.Next


Tailor Made


Bi Colors
Why choose Hyper TTC New one artificial turf:

The fact that this product is made up of different non-twisted cross-sections – one helix and one sickle – makes for quality and a guarantee in the field.

Hyper TTC New One is the perfect choice for those who do not want to be without high performance over time, as it meets the requirements of FIFA standards.

But that’s not all, because the Hyper TTC New One turf is LND (National Amateur League) approved in different thicknesses and with different types of systems.

Latest generation artificial turf: advantages
  1. Decreased fatigue and muscle trauma of players
  2. Ball control in all phases of the game
  3. Very high performance;
  4. Quality of play not comparable with other turfs, thanks to the textile structure of the turf;